Past Easter Seals Ambassadors

What is an Easter Seals Ambassador?

Easter Seals Ambassadors represent the hundreds of children who receive services from the BC Lions Society & Easter Seals BC & Yukon. He or she embodies the Easter Seals spirit of boundless enthusiasm and positive energy.


Emily Breingan - Down Syndrome

Emily attends Easter Seals Camp Shawnigan.  'I think Emily might love camp more than Christmas', says her mother Holly.  'She would love every day to be a camp day'.  At camp, Emily is absolutely adored by all the staff and other campers.  She is a born performer and loves Miley Cyrus.  Emily and her family also stay at Easter Seals House in Vancouver when Emily needs to come over for medical treatment.  They have been staying at Easter Seals House her whole life.

Sharoo Kanwar - Cerebellum Ataxia

Sharoo attended Easter Seals Camp since he was 9 years old.  Sharoo is a busy teenager, at school he volunteers during the lunch hour in the school library.  He enjoys basketball and plays on a team that goes to the Special Olympics.  He also like to play Wii and spend time with his friends and family, especially his younger sister.  When aske what Easter Seals Camps mean to him, Sharoo says FREEDOM.  Freedom to be himself in a supportive environment.  This past summer the counsellors noticed that Sharoo was maturing and willing to take on more of a leadership role at camp and after 6 years of attending Camp Squamish, Sharoo is looking forward to eventually getting involved in the leadership program at camp so he can one day be a counsellor.

Bailey Dagliesh - Cerebral Palsy

Bailey has been attending Easter Seals Camp for many years.  Like many kids her age, she enjoys playing computer games and hopes to one day work with computers as a career.  Bailey like going to school and going to see movies with her friends, she does fitness training at the YWCA and hopes to join a power chair soccer team this year.  Bailey loves everything at Camp but her favourite camp activities are climbing the rock wall, swimming, participating in kangaroo court, the overnight camp out, sitting by the campfire and just spending time with her friends.  She's already looking forward to going to camp next year to see the counselors and her friends at camp.


We would also like to offer a big thank you to other previous Easter Seals Ambassadors:

Erin Boe & Sarah Cheung
Natasha Kaweski & Nathan Bragg 

Who Can Become an Easter Seals Ambassador?

If you've gone to Easter Seals Camp or benefit from any other services provided by the BC Lions Society & Easter Seals BC & Yukon then you can apply for our Easter Seals Ambassador program. 

What does an Easter Seals Ambassador do?

  • Attend and participate in the BC Lions Society & Easter Seals BC & Yukon fundraising events.
  • Share your camp experiences through short speaking presentations (coaching and support will be provided, so don’t worry if you’re new at this!)
  • Give interviews, if requested
  • Pose for promotional photographs
  • Meet and greet supporters and friends of the BC Lions Society & Easter Seals BC & Yukon
    You won’t be alone - an Easter Seals Ambassador will need a adult to help out by providing transportation to and from events, attending these events and offering their encouragement

Benefits & Rewards of being an Easter Seals Ambassador

  • Empower yourself by inspiring others to become involved in our fundraisers
  • Participate in BC Lions Society and Easter Seals BC & Yukon Events
  • Gain or improve your public speaking skills
  • Make a difference and have fun doing it

If you have any questions about becoming an Easter Seals Ambassador please contact us at 604-873-1865.

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If you’ve gone to Easter Seals Camp or benefit from any other services provided by the BC Easter Seals then you can apply for our Easter Seals Ambassador program.

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