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From sparkles to high fives and sending a child to camp; every dollar counts.

It's for the kids. Sparkles are an important material when kids at Easter Seals Camp are working on their arts and crafts. High fives are from the counsellors hired to take care of the kids. There is nothing more special than providing an opportunity for a child to spend the week at Easter Seals Camp.

From smiles to service and the comforts of home; every dollar makes a difference.

We do it for the kids, and you can help us. By making a gift today you will help provide the smiles from the front desk that great the children and families in need of Vancouver Easter Seals House. The services at Easter Seals House provide the comforts of home when children and their families are facing medical emergencies and treatments — from cancer to surgery — and need a place to stay.

The benefit to making a gift today is knowing that you're helping kids in need, and helping children with disabilities gain abilities.


Helping Give Children Abilities.
Call 1-800-818-4483 or 604 873-1865 today to make your donation.