Campers and Alumni Groups

BC Easter Seals Camps provide safe, fun activities in an environment where the focus is on abilities, not disabilities. Many of the kids who attend Easter Seals Camps find the experience so rewarding that they go on to help other kids by becoming Easter Seals volunteers, ambassadors, or campers-at-large.

Camp alumni empower themselves by inspiring others to become involved in Easter Seals fundraisers, participate in Easter Seals and BC Lions Events, gain or improve their public speaking skills, and most importantly: make a difference and have fun doing it!

Easter Seals Ambassadors represent the hundreds of children who receive services from BC Easter Seals. He or she embodies the Easter Seals spirit of boundless enthusiasm and positive energy. Duties include attending and participating in Easter Seals and BC Lions Society fundraising events, sharing camp experiences through short speaking presentations, giving interviews, posing for promotional photographs, and meeting and greeting supporters and friends of the BC Lions Society

Easter Seals Campers who decide to become an Easter Seals Camper at Large have an interest in taking on a more leadership role while volunteering at BC Lions Society events and Easter Seals campaigns. They share their Camp experiences with Easter Seals sponsors and event participants through short public speaking opportunities, attend and take an active role in BC Lions Society fundraising events.


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Easter Seals Ambassador Program


Camp Staff

Of course, camp just wouldn't be possible without our many skilled and dedicated staff members. For many, Camp is a stepping stone to careers in medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, education and name a few.

Camp is a lot more than a summer job. Every individual who attends or works at camp finds it a positive, life-changing experience. Camp teaches you to see the strengths in every person, regardless of differences. 

"It is impossible to work at an Easter Seals camp and leave the same person. If someone were to ask me to describe myself, I would have to mention camp. It inspires me to be more "camp" in my every day life; to embrace every zany idea, to be more compassionate, and to live fully. Camp is "life concentrate".

Find out more about becoming a Easter Seals Camp staff member here.


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